Baltimore – D.C. – Wilmington Local Nonprofit News, Events and Chat for Wednesday - April 1

The latest local Baltimore/D.C./Wilmington area nonprofit news to help power your network, strengthen your organization and keep you involved with your professional peers, funders, competitors and cohorts!

Artist extraordinaire Mills Brown is taking over the CHAW instagram for the next 24 hours! Join us over at for all the goodness. #artindoors #dcartists

United Way of Delaware's @DanCruce went live today, to stress the importance of participating in the 2020 Census today. There is 3 Billion dollars that will come to Delaware if we complete the Census. Check out his video at this link. @DelawareCounts

We are aware that our website is slow to load. We’ve been advised by our web host that this is a larger scale issue affecting multiple sites, and they are working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Stay tuned to our social media for any updates from BCF.

En CASA estamos celebrando el Día de Censo y para celebrarlo junto con ustedes realizaremos un Facebook Live desde el Fan Page @CASA a las 5:00 pm, donde daremos informaciones sobre el #Censo2020 y contestaremos sus preguntas sobre el mismo #sitecuentancuentas

Congrats to St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center, Inc., a BCYF grantee that has completed the application for a continuation grant! We are proud to support their work combating the challenges faced by the homeless youth of Baltimore City. #Baltimore #MyBmore #BCYF
#bcyfund #youth

Let’s get these Census forms completed! Take the next 10 minutes of your time and get your form completed. Count everyone! Children and babies should always be included!

Today is #CensusDay2020! Now more than ever it is important that everyone gets counted. No worries about #SocialDistancing getting in the way. You can access the Census online at or by phone. Check your mailbox for your access code and get counted today!

BCYF provided $924k for technical
assistance, financial counseling and capacity building.#bcyf #bcyfund #bmoreyouth #Baltimore

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