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Funders’ News and Chat Through Sunday - May 9

On May 13 join us for Madison Gives. It’s a free, virtual event to share inspirational stories of local philanthropy.

Here’s an invitation from Jack E. Daniels III who serves on our Board of Governors.


#MadisonGives sponsor: @HoChunkMadison

Today, we give thanks to the mothers, mother figures, and all those who care for the people they love. We hope you had a joyful day full of heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.

If you are among those for whom this day is difficult, we’re thinking of you and wish you peace.

Our new senior policy officer Wasi Mohamed (@WasiMohamed412) shares his thoughts about the role of policy and advocacy, how his time as a grassroots community advocate prepared him to work for systems change and why, in spite of 2020, he still has hope.

Happy Mother’s Day from the Area Foundation! #mothersday2021 #mothersday #mom #specialmom #momsday

New from the Partnership for Safe and Peaceful Communities this past week:

$1 million in grants ❤️
142 community organizations 🤗
21 Chicago neighborhoods 🏡

Great things to come this summer and fall:

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Support for Programming to Foster Safer Communities

The MacArthur Foundation supports creative people and effective institutions committed to building a more just, verdant,...

From @EricKlinenberg @nytopinion: Infrastructure, at its most fundamental level, is not about roads and bridges, cable and concrete. It’s about who we are, what we value and what kind of society we want to create.

How do we make home a safe place for all?

On Monday, May 10th, join @SakhiNYC for a Fireside Chat with New York Times gender reporter, Alisha Haridasani Gupta and writer, artist, and producer, Tanya Selvaratnam.


Big fish: The Atlantic #bluefin tuna can live for over 40 years—and keep growing the whole time!

The largest of these fish are tens of millions of times heavier than when they hatched.

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Into the Deep With the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

The below animation from TED-Ed highlights the fascinating features of the Atlantic bluefin and why this remarkable ...

Where does the public stand on #COVID19 vaccinations?

56% have already gotten at least 1 dose
9% want to get it ASAP
15% want to “wait and see” before getting it
6% would get it only if required
And 13% say definitely not.

Latest Vaccine Monitor report:

The role of mother has evolved and grown, especially over the past year. #HappyMothersDay to the moms and mother figures in our lives; grandmothers, aunts, sisters, caregivers, mentors, and more - we acknowledge your courage and thank you for your unconditional love.

Today, as we celebrate mothers and caregivers in our lives and in all their forms, RT and tag someone who gives their time and talents to paid and unpaid work, contributing to our families, our communities, and our economy.

Year-end financial data suggests many insurers remained profitable in 2020 amid the #COVID19 pandemic.

Our analysis examines the individual, group, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid managed care markets:

When she became a mother, Dr. Jiweon Jun realized men and women couldn't make their own decisions about child care. She's now working to tackle inequity throughout Korean society. #MothersDay

City support for small manufacturers has been limited. @NextCityOrg explores 4 solutions to help better serve #BIPOC manufacturers and help build wealth in communities that have historically been marginalized.

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How to Bring Manufacturing Back to Cities — and Bring People of Color Along Too

Here are four solutions that emerged to better serve BIPOC manufacturers to gain a foothold in this quickly-growing space.

This #MothersDay, we call upon legislators to demand swift policy changes for equal pay and affordable childcare for moms. Join @PowherNY tomorrow, Monday, May 10 at 3 pm for a workshop on NY's pending salary range disclosure legislation:

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