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Funders’ News and Chat Through Sunday - October 2

As Nova Scotians continue to pick-up the pieces in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona, the We Rise Again Fund will help impacted communities with recovery and rebuilding.

“Everything must change. The way we think about education, the way we engage in education—everything fundamentally must change,” says @IvetaSilova of the @TIAflashcards project that is prioritizing climate and ecological literacy through flashcards.

In February, we convened educators for the fifth annual Amplify event. This event creates a space for #educators of color to connect with peers.

@hmcghee shares her experience in education and how to prepare all students for a more #equitable future.

Where do you dream of creating more impact with your giving? For Karen, her donor-advised fund’s growth helped support 15 high school students make it to college.

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Paralysis can lead to cardiac conditions from a variety of factors. Two factors stand out, which are lack of movement and Autonomic Dysreflexia (AD). With understanding and treatments, you can help lower your risks for cardiac disease. #TodaysCare

New policy watch summarizes recent developments & issues in #Medicaid Section 1115 waivers, including key provisions to watch in waivers that expire at the end of September:

Health insurance can be complicated. The Fund for Health Equity aims to bridge the coverage gap in Hawai‘i communities. Read the story of how the community is working to improve #healthcare access for COFA residents at

How can thinking beyond cash help you make more of a difference? Read how Matt and Veronica made a larger gift (and got a larger tax deduction) through donating stock.

As we move into the 4th quarter, we're glancing over our shoulder at how far we've come. We are also taking stock of the impact we had in 2021.

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Rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds make up only a small amount of the freshwater on Earth–0.007% to be precise–but have big benefits to people–and the planet.

Here are just a few reasons to keep our rivers free-flowing and healthy.

20 years ago today, then-State Senator @BarackObama declared his opposition to the war in Iraq at a rally in Chicago. At the time, polls showed a majority of the public—including many leaders of his own party—supported the invasion.

Reflect on what inspires you. Ask: What issues bother me? Where do I want to focus my giving? #10MinuteGivingTIp

NONPROFITS: Join us 10/12 for the second in a free eight-part online series teaching the essentials of nonprofit management! Learn best practices for grassroots advocacy in this session presented through our #CenterForNonprofitExcellence & @uwwesternct:

We want to set the standards for delivering care to our #veterans with invisible wounds like PTSD, depression, TBI and more. Help us continue our ongoing research and care for #veterans and #miltary members by donating on our website. @AMDougherty

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