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Funders’ News and Chat Through Wednesday - April 14

Join us in thanking @CRLStweets Black Student Union and Cambridge Youth Council for their leadership & action! We’re inspired by these students who stepped up for the #CambMA community and raised over $24K to support 12 nonprofits. Read more:

There are so many potential benefits to collaborating among generations for #racialjustice. At #SkollWF, @bothao highlighted how generational memory has done so much more than teach #ClosingTheDistance

"It felt uncomfortable to break with old habits and our usual urgency. Yet, we all came to see the importance of valuing the process as much as the final outcome."

5 reflections from Barr staff who worked together to bring a DEI lens to how we work:

The world has a tremendous opportunity to turn this moment into a movement, embedding #equity across the board in the wake of #COVID19. And as speaker Denise Octavia Smith noted to #SkollWF, now is the time to start #ClosingTheDistance

LCF is ecstatic to see the Grace Gardens project in #guelph take another step forward! Last week, with help from a $2.25M Social Impact Fund loan, @DropInGuelph bought the former Parkview Motel, planning to transform it into 32-units of supportive housing.

One of the nation’s foremost experts on urban innovation, economic inclusion and shared growth in cities, is joining the American Cities Program as a senior fellow.

Effective pandemic response without community-based leadership will fail, in part, as @robbinzintherez noted to #SkollWF, because an essential source of expertise will be missing. Communities often know how to make progress #ClosingTheDistance -- the world just needs to listen.

Join Trust program officer Rachel Pardoe and Lily Zhou of Life Story Club as they discuss #COVID19's effects on older New Yorkers and how nonprofit organizations have responded during this upcoming panel on 4/28/21 hosted by @CandidDotOrg.

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Congratulations, Janice, on your national arts award!

For as long as #ARCSScholarAlum Becky Barak has been a researcher, plants have been part of her story. Becky connects people with nature and helping bridge ecological research and community action. @BeckSamBar @PlantLoveStory @ARCSIllinois

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Advisors - Working with a couple? The #NevadaCF team shares some tips on how to design a charitable giving plan that works for both partners. More in the blog:

Later this month as part of the Presidents’ Forum on Racial Equity in Philanthropy, MacArthur President @jpalfrey will hop on a virtual roundtable to talk about keeping racial equity as a priority.

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2020 was a catalytic year for conversations on #RacialEquity, diversity and inclusion in institutional investing. WKKF Chief Investment Officer @carangelv sat down with @findaily to discuss industry shifts and the first few months in his new role.

We are excited to announce that Bridge Builders Alabama, was awarded $6,100 to provide student scholarships for high school juniors and/or seniors in Lowndes, Macon, and Montgomery counties who are participating in the two-year leadership, diversity, and community service-bas...

The recommended age for colonoscopy and other colon cancer screenings is increasingly considered to be 45 for those at average risk, five years earlier than the previous guidance.

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