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Today, we would have opened the fort for the 2020 season. While we are saddened to not be able open, we are hoping everyone is taking care of themselves and each other! Stay healthy and hopefully we will see you all soon!

It's time for #AskCAM-#AprilFoolsDay edition.
Julie Aronson, Curator of American Painting, Sculpture & Drawing will be answering your questions about #cats, #AmericanArt, & her upcoming #Duveneck show. Please use #AskCAM. We are also on IG (@cincyartmuseum) & FB (CAM Connect)

We are hosting a webinar on best practices, tips, and tricks for creating live online or prerecorded video broadcasts, hosted by Nicolettecinemagraphics @cinemagraphics! Event is free and takes place on Thurs, Apr 9 at 4pm. Register at

We are excited to join The Arts for Illinois Relief Fund, a public-private fund to provide support to artists, artisans and cultural organizations impacted by #COVID19. Grant applications can be accessed here: @ArtsAllianceIL #JoyceCultureProgram

Immigrant communities & communities of color are the most impacted by environmental injustice. To stop this cycle, we must protect & amplify all voices in our political process through the #census. This is the time to get involved!


Due to COVID-19, Star House has adopted new, temporary service hours.

Why does #CensusDay matter to you? For us, the census is an important way to protect & improve the air, land, water & democracy for all who call #Ohio home! Join us and help make sure #EveryoneCounts by filling out your 2020 census online now:

With an extension of the stay-at-home order on the horizon, we ask Gov. DeWine to assure families they will not lose their homes by committing to bring stakeholders together to create a rental assistance program to stabilize the housing market for renters and property owners.

#CensusDay is today! This year, make sure #EveryoneCounts by reminding your family, neighbors, friends, and colleagues to fill out the 2020 Census. Fill out your census at home by visiting

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