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It's #CensusDay! Fill out your census questionnaire to #MakeYourselfCount:⁣

Learn more about the importance of an accurate count on the SVCF blog:⁣

#EveryoneCounts #2020Census

AI and data science are all about finding patterns, and the battle against the pandemic is exactly that. Finding patterns in infectivity, discovery, and personal/public responses is how we fight this challenge. This is why we brought us together - @drfeifei @StanfordHAI

Today's #CensusDay! Have you completed the 2020 Census? If not, head over to and get to it!

It’s Census Day! 🥳 In just 15 mins, you could help our essential workers, our communities, & our families by taking the Census. It's safe, confidential, easy, & you can do it from home! 🏠 Text "censuscall" to 211-211 to #GetCounted now!
#CountUnited #CACensus #YouCount

What can you do to stop the spread of #COVID19 in your community? Check out new resources from @CAgovernor:

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