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Today we want to highlight African American theatre company @passinart, which has been producing accessible, educational, and culturally relevant theatre in the Portland area since 1982! Check them out and give your support at https://t.co/Stghnf4Ihd

This enormous landscape — the Central Cascades Forest — stretches from the moist hemlock forests to the dry eastern foothills. https://t.co/pRXlkNNDIA

A thriving Puget Sound region requires successes at the street and neighborhood level.

Our Cities program engages communities to make our urban landscapes more livable and climate-resilient. https://t.co/kCyFnzpHIU


1. If pre-orders are low this can impact how many books are being printed for distribution (I.e. books out of stock as soon as it pubs 🙃)

P-EBT is a new and temporary food benefit to help families get groceries for their children. If you or a family you know have a child between grades K-12, please visit https://t.co/vsEEUP0s7y to see if you qualify/for more information or visit https://t.co/TiNliQWw0E to apply!

Beautifully said.

This #VisualArtsWeek, you can virtually visit the studio of artist John Holdway - a painter, illustrator, designer, and curator who has been an active member of the Eugene area art community for 20 years. 🌟

#FirstFridayArtWeek and #VisualArtsWeek continue! Featured this month at PhotoZone Gallery is Michael Strain, whose photographs explore shapes, colors, and textures of the vibrant street of Oaxaca de Benito Juárez.

"Thanks to our longstanding partnership with CareOregon, we've been able to keep our doors open [throughout COVID-19] and continue to provide care for the most vulnerable members of our community."
-Rachel Solotaroff, MD, CEO & President, @CCCPortland

Thanks to our friends at @Stifel RMG Group for raising $17,000 for Treehouse during their 2020 #BackToSchool drive. This is their 21st drive for Treehouse, and they've raised $273,935 total!

(Photos are all from previous years; our 2020 back-to-school drives are 100% virtual.)

The Great Bear Rainforest agreement protects 9 million acres of forest from logging. We raised $39 million to support the capacity of First Nations to manage their lands and build sustainable economic opportunities. https://t.co/Tv5eBXiBZx

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