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Well, at least no new salmon have been added to the #EndangeredSpecies list #salmonrecovery https://t.co/EVCK0JMbSz

Just posted a photo https://t.co/UKSOueQO2a

Tomorrow is MLK Day — This King Legacy of Service 25th Anniversary video tells the story of how Dr. King's birthday evolved into a national day of service: https://t.co/HRdgy2k53o #MLK #MLKday #MartinLutherKingDay #MartinLutherKingJR #MLKDay #Volunteer #GiveBack

Make tomorrow a day of service in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Check out this @SeattleTimes published list of activities available tomorrow and throughout the week form various community orgs. https://t.co/hAH2ugXwN5

As we head into inauguration week, we stand with 260+ peers in calling on political leaders to reject misinformation, dangerous rhetoric and political violence—and to protect our democratic process. #PhilanthropyForDemocracy https://t.co/uSXBstvyp8

#mlkseattle in USA TODAY!
"And while the group has not received any threats, she said, “that doesn’t mean we’re not cautious.”...this is the first year the group has not broadcast its planned route, a decision made in part to thwart would-be disrupters."

Treasure Hunting at Community Cycling Center is back!
Visit us once a week for outdoor browsing of out used parts bins, with covered table space available for you to rummage at your leisure. Hidden gems await! Every Tuesday 2-5pm

Image for the Tweet beginning: Treasure Hunting at Community Cycling

#COVID19 vaccine: yes or no? Experts say it's a simple answer.

"Power is not a pie. POWER is NOT a pie!"

quote from #mlkseattle youth intern Alexis during the @RainierAveRadio https://t.co/2YUIdziFM1 interview

Hope you can join us virtually or in-person tomorrow at 11am

Remember, outdoors, porta-potties, social-distance safety

Image for the Tweet beginning: "Power is not a pie.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! #MLKSeattle 1/18/2021

Rally 11a March 12p
in-person #GarfieldHS
Sick? watch live on @RainierAveRadio

Due 2 COVID:
Garfield CLOSED; plan 4 porta-potty
Bring mask water sanitizer

Rally captions via phone: https://t.co/wUifDsxgzJ

Image for the Tweet beginning: KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!

In a world with a 24/7 news cycle and information at your fingertips, misinformation can spread like wild fire. Learn to separate fact from fiction online on @AARPLive, Thursday, January 21 at 7p PT/ 5p HT on @OfficialRFDTV or online: https://t.co/qOOqphwNzU

Image for the Tweet beginning: In a world with a

Hope you enjoyed our youth event created by our phenomenal young interns Aliyah & Alexis - & the virtual workshops all week.

#MLKSeattle exists thanks to the generosity of community members like you. Please support our efforts by making a donation


Image for the Tweet beginning: Hope you enjoyed our youth

"There is a new report that projects that the number of Americans who are homeless could double in two years because of the pandemic. Despite an eviction moratorium in place, there are still people who are losing their homes through no fault of their own." https://t.co/m3db9jMuSq

If you haven't seen the winning shots from our Northwest Exposure Photo Contest yet, go check 'em out! https://t.co/b9jhG1Bi2b

Image for the Tweet beginning: If you haven't seen the
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