Project Description

Erin Ward has worked within many areas of fundraising and has made it her life’s mission to study and explore the most effective means of fundraising possible. With over 10 years of fundraising success, helping hundreds of nonprofits raise millions of dollars by creating exceptional donor experiences.  She has a big heart for and background in social change and activism.  Erin has sat in everyone’s seat in regards to special events and understands the problems and has found solutions to create events that leave donors happy and bank accounts full.  She is very passionate about affecting change in the world.
Being a mission ambassador, professional public speaker, fundraising auctioneer and nonprofit trainer, Erin utilizes a smart, eloquent, energetic approach to engaging donors in the event venue and changing trajectories for organizations in the board room.  As an educated, well cultured and traveled individual with an amazing life story, her empathy and passion allows her to tell amazing stories and inspire hearts to give.

Erin Ward

Long Island, NY