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Strategic Planning Services for Nonprofit Organizations.


We offer three distinct strategic planning services to meet your needs.

LAUNCH is for leaders of small nonprofits that are creating their first strategic plan and simply need some guidance so that they can effectively self-facilitate the process themselves.

REFRESH is for leaders of small nonprofits that have an existing strategic plan and need strategic guidance to refresh it and adapt it to the Mission Met Center strategic planning software.

TRANSFORM is for leaders of a small nonprofit who want an experienced strategic planning consultant/facilitator to guide you and your team through a customized and comprehensive strategic planning process.

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Mission Met has built simple strategic planning software that helps you plan and execute goals to strengthen your organization.

“I’ve always resisted strategic planning. Other people always say, “Yeah, we did our plan but now it’s sitting on the shelf.” But that’s not the case here. This is a working thing; it’s really alive and giving us the focus we need.”
Scott Thompson, Shasta College Foundation
“As someone who has participated in many onerous strategic planning processes, I was a little skeptical that this program would be much different. I was wrong. Not only did our consultant immediately create trust with our team of engineers and scientists, but he helped us create a focused plan and framework for executing our plan. Several months later our team’s enthusiasm has never been higher and, as their manager, I’ve been able to focus on what matters most.”
Jay Chamberlin Director, Natural Resources Division, California State Parks
“As the leaders of a small nonprofit, our to-do list is continually long. The ‘strategic planning task’ was always an item that stayed undone, and near the bottom. But now we are complete and total converts. This type of work makes all the regular days more smooth, pleasant and productive: fewer fires to put out, clearer understanding of what’s important and what can wait, greater funding, smoother relationships, and unexpected respect and status in the community due to our more professional organization.”
Laura and Shawn Sears Co-Founders, Vida Verde Nature Education